Derrick Gakuu

Project Lead

Jun 20, 2024




Payless Launches FOREVER FREE Tariff for GENZII Amid Tough Economic Times

Nairobi, Kenya – June 14, 2024 – Payless, a disruptive youth-focused affordable payments super app built to address the pain of high transaction fees and hidden charges, has today launched the GENFREE Youth Bundle. This new proposition allows users to make money moves to Payless, MPESA, and Bank accounts for free—forever.

In response to the challenging economic climate and the Gen Z-led opposition to proposals in the Finance Bill by Parliament, Payless is committed to relieving GENZII of the burden of high fees. The GENFREE Youth Bundle is a testament to this commitment, designed specifically for the Gen Z demographic who demand affordability and transparency.

“Our goal is to offer a solution that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our primary target customers—the Gen Z base,” said Derrick Gakuu, Project Lead of Payless. “What’s more, we are constantly innovating around our business model, finding more ways to save the youth even more money. Every shilling counts, from cashbacks and discounts. The launch of the GENFREE Youth Bundle is our way of standing with the youth, providing them with a seamless and cost-free way to manage their finances in these tough times.”

The GENFREE Youth Bundle solidifies Payless's position as the leading payments super app designed for and by Gen Z. It underscores the platform’s core values of being smart, affordable, and convenient.

Key Features of the GENFREE Youth Bundle:

Forever Free Transactions: Make money moves to Payless, MPESA, and Bank accounts at no cost.

Transparency in Pricing: Payless provides customers with a detailed breakdown of transactions, fees, and any taxes applied, ensuring a seamless and fun user experience tailored to the needs of the Gen Z demographic.

Accessibility: Easy onboarding and intuitive navigation to ensure everyone can benefit from the platform.

With over 40-50% of the Kenyan population and across Africa under the age of 24 years, this demonstrates the significance of this demographic for the future of Kenya and the continent.

“We are excited about the possibilities that the GENFREE Youth Bundle opens up for our users,” added Derrick Gakuu. “This is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate and deliver features that make financial transactions not just bearable, but enjoyable and efficient for our customers.”

For more information about the GENFREE Youth Bundle or to start using Payless, visit or download the Payless app from your preferred app store.


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